General Rules and Regulations

College Rules

  • 1. Students should carry their photograph with complete Identity card with information and duly signed by Director.
  • 2. Students who come to college by their own transport (day scholars) should come to college before 8:45am.
  • 3. Students should be neatly dressed. College uniform should be worn accordingly i.e. academic dress during classes and clinical dress during clinical postings.
  • 4. No student should damage any college furniture or write anything on desks or tables.
  • 5. Anyone who notices something damaged, should report the matter to concern authority.
  • 6. Students are advised to keep their class room/campus/building as neat as possible and throw the leftovers into the dustbin.
  • 7. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, rings etc to college. The college will not be responsible for such goods.
  • 8. The students should always observe polite standards where ever they go. They should always remember Nursing ethics. Students should not be indulged in any anti- social activity in or outside college campus.

College Discipline

1. PUNCTUALITY: Students are expected to maintain punctuality throughout training period i.e
(a) Class room
(b) Clinical area
(c) Hostel
(d) Visiting of visitors
(e) S.O.P(Student outgoing permission)
(f) Leave
(g) Examination Hall
(h) Evaluation

2. CLASS ROOM: It is desirable to attend all classes regularly and well in time.

3. CLINICAL AREA: Students are not allowed to leave clinical/community area at any cost without permission of appropriate authority. Students are not allowed to wear any ornaments in the class room as well as in clinical area.

4. VISITORS: Should visit the students during visiting hours. No visitor will be allowed in the class room /clinical/community area.

5. LEAVE: No leave in between the training period except the leave admissible in the curriculum ( 1special leave and 9 sick leaves).Students and guardians should approach for any type of official work in the Principal office in the office hrs.

6. EXAMINATION: should appear in all examination conducted by the institution.

7. EVALUATION: students will be evaluated throughout the year in the class room/clinical/community area for the internal assessment. Students will be detained from the final examination if they fail to full fill the eligibility criteria of attendance and internal assessment in the class room and clinical area.

8. All students and guardians should approach through proper channel. Else strict action will be taken.


Hostel Rules

Each hosteller shall be responsible for following faithfully the following rules.

  • 1. No mobiles are permitted in the premises if found a fine of Rs. 500/- will be imposed.
  • 2. Students are directed to follow study period strictly and they are not allowed to go to other rooms during this period.
  • 3. Student will be assigned a seat in a hostel as and when available.
  • 4. Main Gate will be locked at 8.00 PM.
  • 5. All lights must be put off by 11.00 P.M.
  • 6. No hosteller is allowed to shift furniture from one room to another room.
  • 7. Hostellers are responsible for cleanliness & good upkeep of rooms. Every Saturdays, rooms will be inspected by faculty/ warden.
  • 8. Any damage to room or furniture should be reported to warden.
  • 9. No hosteller will remain absent from hostel without written permission of warden / Class-incharge.
  • 10. Every hosteller should made entry in the departure register before leaving the hostel during night pass or outing.
  • 11. All lights and fans must be switched off when leaving the room, otherwise fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged.
  • 12. Hostel attendants are under control of the warden. No person is to be sent out for personal work without permission of the warden.
  • 13. Hostellers are not allowed to keep valuable, cash or gold jewellery in the hostel. Authorities will not be responsible for any loss.
  • 14. Hostellers will not visit staff rooms.
  • 15. No one is allowed to use abusive language in hostel.
  • 16. Students are not allowed to conduct meetings/strikes in hostel. In any case any student is found guilty, she will be expelled from college and hostels.
  • 17. Ragging is strictly forbidden.
  • 18. All students must be present for attendance at 6.30 PM. in winter.
  • 19. No electric appliance like heater, iron, TV, heat converter, electric rod, mobile charger are allowed in room. If found guilty the concerned hosteller will be fined Rs. 500/- per item.
  • 20. Every student should take the responsibility to keep the common room, bathroom, toilets and washrooms clean.
  • 21. The room of any hosteller is reliable to be inspected by the authorities including warden at any time of day and night.
  • 22. Hostellers may submit passport size photographs of three relatives of the same gender for making identity cards so that they can visit the hosteller. The visitors must present the identity cards at the hostel entrance and make the necessary entry in the register kept for the purpose.
  • 23. Only 1 special leave and 9 sick leaves allowed per year.
  • 24. Only 1 outing and 1 night pass allowed per month with premises.
  • 25. LEAVE- No leave in between the training period except the leave admissible in on of Principal
  • 26. Time for leaving the hostel 6 am in summer, 7 am (winter)
  • 27. Time of returning to the hostel: 6 pm (summer) and 5 pm (winter)
  • 28. No student is allowed to go to any other room during study period