Co-curricular Actvities

Capping Ceremony

An auspicious day, the blossoming buds, i.e the student nurses will take their oath & capped to take feet in noble profession to rend tender loving care.

Christmas Day Celebration

Hence education commence unity among religions, the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ also been celebrated to provide spiritual support & relaxation from tedious academic schedule.

Sports Day Celebration

With curricular performances physical talent & intelligent skills are expressed in tournaments such as chess, carom etc. to encourage the candidates.

Nurses Day Celebration

"A Lady with Lamp", & "pioneer of nursing", Miss. Florence Nightingale's birthday has been celebrated with nurse week follows as Nurses day on May 12th as a token of respect for profession.

Annual Day

To fulfil the academic year appraisals annual day has been celebrated at the end of the academic year. On the day students will express skills & talent in various activities, at last winners are awarded in three grades.

Calendar of Activities

S.No. Month Co-curricular Activities Extra Curricular Activities
1 October World Mental Health Day(10-10-2010)
World Polio Day (24-10-2010)
Capping Ceremony
2 November World Diabetes Day (14-11-2010)
New Born Care Week (14-11-2010)
3 December World AIDS Day (01-12-2010) Christmas Celebration
4 January World Leprosy Day (31-01-2011) Lohri
5 February World Cancer Day (04-12-2011)  
6 March International Women's Day ( 08-03-2011)
World kidney Day (11-03-2011)
World T.B Day ( 24-03-2011)
7 April World Health Day (07-04-2011) Sports Day
8 May World Anti-Tobacco Day ( 31-05-2011)
Nurses Week
Educational Trip
9 June World Blood Donor Day (14-06-2011)
Day Against Drug Abuse (26-06-2011)
10 July Hepatitis Day (28-07-2011)  
11 August World breast Feeding day Annual Day
12 September National Health Week(17-09-2011)
Nutrition Week
Piping Ceremony
Teachers Day
Farewell Party