From the Chairman's Message

My vision is to establish state-of-the-art institutes wherein the students would be imparted total education along with an all round growth & personality development Programme of high value, in order to make the institute as one of the best Nursing Institute in the country.

Education plays a vital role in an individual's personality. The professional education is of great importance not only to the student getting that education but to his/her family, society and nation also. Nursing education is a professional education. Some leniency in getting sincere education could be accepted in other professional education, but it has no place in nursing field. The life of a patient is almost in the hands of a nurse. So, the institute would be strict and there would be no compromise on the question of education. Some students or their parents may feel strictness of this institution as if the independence of students has been curtailed. It is again made clear that an institution is always bigger than an individual. So, the suspension of some independence which a student enjoys in the drawing room of a house plays a vital role so as to protect the overall institution of nursing and also to create devotional attitude for the cause of society and nation for which they are striving for.

I, on the behalf of the institute welcome you to the institute which with the help of its committed and eminent faculty will help you reach your destination. I look forward to a relationship where the learning quotient rises above the mere imparting of academic knowledge to the education with excellent attitudes, values, morals and skills for the food of humanities.

Dr. Ajit Paul Jain
Chairman [M.B.B.S, PCMS Ex.]